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The Best of the Westside

The Best of the Westside!

Join a newly-formed networking group that offers its members an opportunity to become strategic partners with some of the L.A. Westside’s highest-rated businesses and experienced professionals in furthering each others’ professional and personal success.

A Powerful
Network of
Referral Partners

  • We are a group of business professionals who meet regularly to become friends and advisors.
  • We support each others’ businesses by working together on presentation and sales skills.
  • We refer potential customers and become advocates for each others’ businesses.
  • We are selective in seeking out other business professionals to join our group, so that we represent businesses that are among the highest-rated on L.A.’s Westside.
  • We are focused on helping to create a safe and vibrant community to both live in and to build successful business operations.

A Website for WBP
Members & Advertisers

As you can see, this robust new website, which was recently created by one of our members, is both elegant and informational.

Within 90 days of joining the WBP, new Members will receive a listing on the website that links to their website and/or email address (as presented below).

Our hope is that one day will be a one-stop, web-based advertising solution for promoting our members’ businesses, as well as paid advertising for “Best of the Westside” businesses in Categories where we do not have a Member, and that provides products or services within that unique Category. These advertisements will likely include the advertiser’s  Category, Company Logo, Photograph, General Information about their Business, Contact Information, and Links to their Business Website and Social Media outlets.

We’re off to a great start. Watch us grow!

One Member’s Business
Per Category

Our Member’s company would be the only company in their narrowly defined business category.

When a situation arises where more than one company offers overlapping products or services, the Category may be split into more narrowly defined subcategories, if there is general agreement, or as long as an existing Member in that category is given notice and an opportunity to object and be heard.

If no Member exists for a given Category, a business may purchase a “Placeholder” ad on the website.

Said advertiser would sign an agreement that the advertisement might be discontinued if another business professional joins as a Member, and therefore the exclusive Member for that Category.

Semi-Annual Mixers
& Invitation-Only Events

We plan to host semi-annual Business Mixers, where food and drinks will be provided for our Members and guests. Members are encouraged to invite guests that might be interested in joining and that would be a good fit for our networking group.

Our Mission

To support our members by forging strategic partnerships and promoting each others’ businesses.

We will contribute to a healthy business environment by supporting local nonprofit organizations that provide services to Westside individuals and families in distress.

Whether your goal is to focus on your head, your heart or your wallet; remember, building and strengthening your network will help you improve your happiness, productivity, and true net worth. I encourage you to focus on your passions, surround yourself with people that share your values and don’t let your social capital lie dormant. Reinvest it! Remember…Your Network is Your Net Worth.

– Porter Gale, author of Your Network Is Your Net Worth, a clear guide on how to bring value yourself and others through the powerful currency of relationships.


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Do what you love, and don’t look back. Take risks, work for free to get in the door, and only keep friends and romantic partners who bring you love, support, energy, and positivity.

– Rachel Masters of Red Magnet Media

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